Electrical Engineer by day,
Party engineer by night.


Tim Trotter and his wife, Jean, moved to Macon, Georgia, in 1996 after Tim’s graduation from Georgia Tech. He is an Electrical Engineer at NBP Engineers in Macon. They have two daughters who have come to terms with having a DJ dad.

Tim has had a lifelong love of music. His first experiences as a DJ were in high school. He loved it then, and loves it even more now. Let’s get the party started!

What We Do

MMC Music brings great music with quality equipment and a friendly, thoughtful DJ.


How We Work

When you contract with MMC Music, Tim will work with you to be sure you get the music you want. He will also be sure to learn exactly how much you want him to interact with your guests, and what you want him to say!

Where We Are

MMC Music is located in Macon, Georgia. Contact us today for a quote!